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The Interzone Media is an established web design company specializing in WordPress websites. Developing a brand and building a visible web presence are critical tasks for any organization today. The Interzone Media can assist you with all stages of this process: logo design and branding, website design and development, search engine optimization, online marketing and social media strategy.

A professionally designed, clearly organized and fully responsive website is your springboard to building a solid web presence. In order to make full use of your website, it should also be easy to update, easy to find, and properly integrated with your social media accounts. The Interzone builds your site with these factors in mind and makes sure that it’s attractive and readable on all devices and screen sizes, from cellphones to iPads to desktops.

WordPress is the most widely used content management system on the web, and it’s continually updated and improved by a worldwide team of developers. Using its plugin architecture, it is highly extensible to allow for creating nearly any type of website, including fully integrated and PCI compliant eCommerce solutions. It’s also very user friendly, so you can easily keep your site up to date and fresh.

Due to our extensive experience with WordPress, The Interzone is also able to provide security and performance tuning services for WordPress sites. We can speed up your WordPress site and harden it against attacks, as well as help you to maintain security on an ongoing basis. A slow or compromised website will turn away even more visitors than a poorly designed one.

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You will also need to take steps to ensure that your website is getting noticed by the right audience. To achieve this, it’s important to have good search engine optimization or SEO. The Interzone can guide you through the necessary actions to improve your website’s search rankings both on and offline — including keyword optimization, social media strategy, link building and more — as well as fine-tune your website code for better SEO.

Alongside your online marketing campaign, you will no doubt also need to develop printed marketing materials as well. In addition to designing logos and websites, The Interzone also provides graphic design services for flyers, brochures, business cards, product labels and more.

We thrive on working with people and organizations that inspire us with their passion for what they do. That’s why we cater to small businesses, NGOs, and independent artists, musicians and filmmakers. If you need to boost your web presence or develop your brand, please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.