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Don’t Make it All About Yourself

Selfishness Sinks Ships

If you are promoting a business, a product or even your blog on Twitter AND %100 of your Tweets are about your business or product or blog… Congratulations! You’re a spammer! (Which translates into Unfollows)

This is as true for multinational corporations as it is for lowly bloggers.

Too much self-promotion is a real turnoff on Twitter, although the right amount is usually tolerated, and even welcome. Lots of people are promoting themselves on Twitter, and lots of people are exploring, but mostly they are doing a little of both.

You want to strike a balance between Tweets with links to your own sites and Tweets about other things.

I’ve seen the recommended ratio of “other” Tweets to “self-promoting” Tweets range from 7-1 all the way to 12-1. I think it can differ depending on your audience, but you get the point:

Don’t make it all about yourself!

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