The Importance of ReTweets

If you want people to RT your posts, RT theirs!

Retweeting is probably the most effective, least selfish way of getting noticed on twitter. Indeed, there are many successful accounts that exclusively rely on RTing for their popularity.

What it means to RT

First of all, it gets you noticed by the person who initially shared the information. Everyone wants to know their tweets are being noticed, and RTing a message is the simplest way of communicating that among all the twitter-litter a message has been seen, and deemed worthy enough to be amplified.

When one of your tweets is retweeted the best way to thank someone, even more than sending them a personal message thanking them, is to retweet one of their tweets.

Building a network on twitter really means building a “network of Retweeters”

When you notice someone’s retweeted one of your messages, take a look at that person’s twitter stream and see if there’s anything you can potentially retweet. If you see anything half-way decent hit that ‘retweet’ button.

Over time you will learn who’s actually hearing your message by who’s RTing your tweets. By RTing generously you will get on other users’ radar, someone they will look forward to seeing online, because they know their messages have an opportunity to be amplified.

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