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The Importance of Thanking People on Twitter

#Gratitude Matters

If you want to maintain a healthy and flourishing Twitter account you’re going to have to make sure to let people know they are being noticed and that you appreciate their contribution.

Twitter is a two-way street, and the more you interact with others, the more trust you build, the greater the chance you will get mentioned and the greater the chance your tweets will be retweeted, ways to get noticed by potential followers.

The simplest way of doing this is just by Retweeting somebody’s message, amplifying it, and by implication, promoting whoever posted it. A Retweet is an endorsement of sorts, that you value this person’s tweets, whether or not you agree with their views, and that they’ve made an impression.

Likewise, if someone has Retweeted something of yours, you might want to thank them, especially if they’ve Retweeted multiple messages, or you recognize them, and already have started to build up a trust.

Ways of thanking People

So, if someone’s endorsed you by Retweeting one of your messages, your first step might be to look at their twitter stream and see if there is anything you might Retweet in return, thus promoting them and their account.

If you recognize someone you Retweet often, or Retweets you often, you might want to put them in a list. Lists are a way of organizing your Twitter friends by whatever categories you choose. People LOVE to be listed, it tells them they’ve done a good job engaging you with interesting Tweets on a consistent basis.

The Magic of #FollowFriday

One of the all-time great ways of showing gratitude on Twitter is the “#FollowFriday” or “#FF” message. #FollowFriday has become a veritable weekly ritual across the whole of Twitter. What it entails is, every Friday (but you’ll also see it Thursday through Saturday) select your favorite accounts and recommend them to all your followers. Just list all the people you wish to recommend along with the hashtag “#FollowFriday” or “#FF.”

If a trusted account recommends someone, you may find interesting accounts to follow you may not have normally glanced at in the first place.

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