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7 Ways To Get ReTweeted (A Lot)

–Rabidly Retweet others.

Often, if you Rewteet someone’s tweets a few times, they will notice, and eventually reciprocate. Try Retweeting a few people whose accounts have more followers than yours. If they Retweet you in return you’ll gain followers from the extra exposure. More followers = greater chance of being Retweeted.

–Include Links in your tweets

Science has proven that including links leads to Retweets. Observe this inforgraphic prepared by social media scientist Dan Zarella.

Link to your blog. Link to photographs. Link to news articles. Link to anything, but link. Including links in your tweets gives them a certain feeling of legitimacy.

–Shorten URLs using is a service that automatically shortens link URLs. All you need to do is copy and paste them in, it happens almost instantly. I keep open in my browser at all times. It’s that convenient. Shortening link URLs keeps your Tweets looking uniform and elegant. Read our previous article– ‘The Importance of URL Shorteners.’

–Jump on Trending Topics

If there are topics trending that relate to your interests, join the conversation. Generally you can follow breaking trending topics by using #hashtags.

–Use #hastags

A Hashtag is a word with a hash symbol (“#”) at the start to identify it (ie. #circus). They help spread information on Twitter by helping to organize people around subjects, helping them find each other.

If you click on a #hashtag you will see a stream of every tweet also marked with that #hashtag. You can use this to find potential people to follow who share your interests, or contribute similar information.

It’s a great way to be seen by multitudes of people who already share your interests and probably aren’t following you yet.

–Build a Network

By helping others promote themselves, they will help to promote you. This is essentially the principle that makes twitter go. It also helps to diversify your tweets with minimal effort. The more you promote others the more they will respect you when you promote youself, leading to Rewteets when you tweet links to your own original content.

–Always give thanks!

Twitter is a two-way street, and the more you interact with others, the more trust you build, the greater the chance you will get mentioned and the greater the chance your tweets will be retweeted, ways to get noticed by potential followers.

Get into the habit of sending ‘Thank You for RTs/Mentions’ tweets, listing about five or six people each that have ReTweeted you recently. People will notice. Over time you will build lasting social media relationships where you can rely on people (you’ve never even met) to amplify your message! Pretty neat!

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