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Twitter Post Ideas For Your Business

Running out of ways of keeping your company’s twitter feed alive and fresh? Check out these suggestions – from Vertical Measures – guaranteed to spice up even the stalest twitter campaign & keep your company’s feed buzzing –

Twitter Post Ideas

  • Tweet out when new posts go live on your blog
  • Industry news
  • Retweet colleague’s tweets that are helpful to your followers
  • Ask opinions about major events (think Super Bowl, Academy Awards, World Series)
  • Fun facts and history about your industry or company
  • Tweet about funny things that happen in your office or business or quote funny things staff say
  • Share photos of stuff happening in your business and pictures of staff
  • Be sure to respond to questions or concerns from your followers
  • Your new products or services (do this very sparingly)
  • When others tweet to you tweet back, have a conversation (unless it’s a spammer)
  • Tweet famous quotes that apply to your industry
  • Share when it’s a specific day, like National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day, etc.
  • Be sure to wish other’s happy birthday or give other holiday greetings
  • Post links to funny videos
  • Ask opinions about possible new products or services and listen to what they have to say
  • Get local and share events and happenings in your local community
  • Be helpful and educational; give tips and tricks that are relevant to your niche
  • Share new great music you’re enjoying
  • Tweet when something awesome happens to a staff member outside of work
  • Comment on other’s tweets
  • Run little contests on Twitter, but be sure to follow the guidelines
  • Tweet about local sports teams
  • If you attend an industry event, share the information
  • Offer thanks to those who leave a review or comment on your blog

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