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WordPress Tutorial: Two Ways to Stop Spam Comments on Your Blog

An excellent tutorial by Michelle Shaeffer of LaunchYourBlog.com. The video shows you how to add to your comment blacklist and how to set up the Grownup Anti-Spambot Plugin, both easy but effective tactics to fight comment spam.

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Intro to WordPress: Admin Tools to Save Time

This time we’ve selected 4 video tutorials from WordPress.tv that demonstrate some of the advanced possibilities of the WordPress Admin interface. You can customize your WordPress Admin to better suit your particular needs, and learn about advanced features that can save you lots of time managing your blog.

1. An Introduction to the WordPress Dashboard

The WordPress Dashboard is often the first thing you see after successfully logging in to your Admin account. It contains useful information about WordPress and your site, a “quick-post” form, and is quite customizable.


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Intro to WordPress: 7 More Tutorials for Common WordPress Tasks

Here is a selection of video tutorials from WordPress.tv for more advanced but common tasks you might encounter in managing your WordPress site.

1. How to add new categories or edit/delete existing ones

As your site grows, you may find you need more categories to organize your content and make sure important posts remain accessible for longer. You can also go back and edit existing categories, though you might want to avoid changing the “slug” on any older categories to ensure that your URLs don’t get altered.


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Intro to WordPress: 7 Basic Video Tutorials

WordPress is a very versatile CMS with lots of features, but it’s also very user friendly.

Most WordPress content is in the form of posts which are presented chronologically by default, and can be further organized into categories. A WordPress site can also have static pages which are like posts, but are not part of the timeline of posts.

Content management in WordPress consists mainly of adding and editing posts or pages. We’ve selected an introductory set of videos from WordPress.tv to get you through most of the essential aspects of posting content on your WordPress site.