WordPress Tutorial: Two Ways to Stop Spam Comments on Your Blog

An excellent tutorial by Michelle Shaeffer of The video shows you how to add to your comment blacklist and how to set up the Grownup Anti-Spambot Plugin, both easy but effective tactics to fight comment spam.

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Managing Your Twitter Account

Is it Time to Optimize?

At first it was so easy, you were a veritable “Master of the Twitterverse”, but now your Twitter stream is cluttered with an endless barrage of seemingly unnecessary and useless junk. Are you following more people than you can easily handle?

Fear not, there are a few simple things you can do right away to cut down on the clutter, streamlining your Twitter experience so you can get more out of it.

First of all, maybe it’s time to unfollow some accounts that aren’t following you back. You can accomplish this task quite easily by checking out


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Don’t Make it All About Yourself

Selfishness Sinks Ships

If you are promoting a business, a product or even your blog on Twitter AND %100 of your Tweets are about your business or product or blog… Congratulations! You’re a spammer! (Which translates into Unfollows)

This is as true for multinational corporations as it is for lowly bloggers.

Too much self-promotion is a real turnoff on Twitter, although the right amount is usually tolerated, and even welcome. Lots of people are promoting themselves on Twitter, and lots of people are exploring, but mostly they are doing a little of both.

You want to strike a balance between Tweets with links to your own sites and Tweets about other things.


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